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My Busy Bin specialises in making FUN sensory boxes and small world sensory kits for your little ones aged 20 months +.

Our early learning activities are designed to let your child take the lead. Watch them explore, discover, imagine and create, all whilst engaging their senses and learning at their own speed. 

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Wait, what is "sensory play"?

Children start to try and make sense of the world from the moment that they are born, and they use their senses to try and figure it all out. That’s probably why you have caught your baby chewing on their little hands or your toddler putting foreign objects in their mouth – sigh. Sensory play is a simple yet valuable way of engaging children in activities that will heighten their sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing all whilst enriching their learning experiences. Sensory play is an early and crucial step in the brain development process, even as adults we learn at our best and retain more information when we engage our senses.

Sooo is it actually important? 

YES! There are some impressive benefits of sensory play and there is always much more going on than meets the eye, so let me quickly break them down for you.


Brain development and cognitive growth 

Fine-tuning motor skills 

Awareness and adaptability

Problem solving skills

Foundational math and science concepts 

Responsibility and self-control 

Eases and helps to overcome sensory processing issues 



Hey there! I’m Kailah, owner of My Busy Bin. I am wife to Travis and Mum to two busy boys, Leo & Chad. I am an Occupational Therapist and have worked with kids for 7+ years so am super passionate about all things sensory and early development through play and understand how important play and exploration is in growing happy, healthy kids. The first time I came across My Busy Bin I definitely had an ‘OMG, why didn’t I think of that?’ moment, I recommend sensory activities to my clients every single day!

When I bought Leo his first busy bin, I said to myself ‘I’ll just buy one and then make my own’… Do you think that happened? Um, No! I absolutely loved that we had pre-made, pre-packed activities (that were actually affordable) to whip out for rainy days/when I was prepping meals/unpacking the dishwasher/doing washing/getting ready for work/vacuuming/needed half an hour to sit down! All while knowing this was helping his skill development. Don’t get me wrong, we have screen time over here but there’s only so much Blippi I can watch!

My Busy Bin has no lock in subscriptions or management of direct debits and you can choose your activity based on your child’s age and interests without the need to organise the tribe and leave the house. A gift from one Mum to another. No fancy packaging, just love, care and a lot of passion and research. 

So, let your little one take the lead, explore, play and learn whilst you finally enjoy a hot cup of coffee or get some work done, bond with your babe or simply have some plain old fun with your kids!!!


mix & match kit descriptions

Pick three per bin

for $55.00


 Bakers Box

This kit provides a great hands-on learning and sensory experience and it is sure to get those little hands and minds working overtime.
The reusable cake mix can be powdery or firm when moulding, shaping, squeezing, pressing and sculpting in to different shapes. Oh and it smells darrrrn delicious!


Pom Pom Soup

Fill your Busy Bin with water, add the pom poms and sit back whilst your littles scoop, pour, transfer, count, smoosh and imagine. You will receive pom poms, utensils  and learning activities to promote counting and colour recognition.


Playdough Monsters

Whilst your sensory seekers mould, squish, roll and flatten their playdough, they are building up their hand muscles and working on their fine motor skills.
Your little ones can make and roll a dice for each material included in their kit and they add that many to create their unique and quirky monsters.


Bug Hunt

Work on those fine and gross motor skills baby! Hide the bugs in our rice grass and use the tongs to hunt.

Fairy Land

Pink, pink and more pink for the little fairy lover in your life. Watch those little hands strengthen by mixing, scooping, pouring, shaping, squeezing and sorting through our perfectly sensory dough.
Our dough is cool to touch, powdery to play with yet mouldable like damp sand. Great for introducing your sensory seeker to different textures. Fit with glitter, crystal gems, petals and a fairy wand let the magic and your child’s imagination unfold!


Animal Wash

The secret to happy kiddies is some times as easy as filling a bin with water and letting them play. We often overlook the obvious play but it really is the best kind.
The Animal Wash kit is a simple, fun and engaging sensory play activity for kids of all ages. Watch them work directly with their hands to cover the animals in our taste safe mud and then scrub them clean again.



We looooove water beads.  They are soft, squishy, smooth and not slimy at all.
Water beads promote learning and development in areas such as fine motor, coordination, exploration, colours, sensory and creativity as well as introduce your little one to scientific and mathematical concepts. But honestly, they are just so fun to play with (for us adults too). Our Water Bead kit comes with utensils, figurines to keep your tot busy for hours.


Under The Sea

This one encourages imagination and creative play whilst working hard on fine motor control and coordination.
Your child can create swirls of colour, patterns, shapes and letters in shaving cream, messy and clean at the same time! 


Letter Match

This kit is focused on letter recognition whilst using streamers to engage all of your little ones senses with colours, textures and sounds. There is something for all ages in this one.
Your babes can work on, matching capital letters, matching capital letters with lower case letters, matching letters in random order and practicing hand writing letters.


Dino Dig

Our sensory sand is powdery, cool to touch, mouldable and not sloppy at all. There’s something magical, intriguing and curious about this sensory material but the best part is how long it holds your little peoples attention.
Get ready to ROAAAAR as there is a whole world to explore here. Bury the dinosaurs deep in the sand and ask your archeologist to use their brush to discover the fossils.

Planes & Grains

Your little one will ZOOM their planes through the bright blue sensory rice and clouds! Scoop and pour to work on fine motor skills such as co ordination, pincer grasp, fine motor control and using two hands together. 


We all know the construction vehicle obsession is REAL. This kit includes one of our fave sensory bases with a twist, cool, mouldable sensory sand that smells like.. wait for it.. Chocolate!! Drive, dig and dump using your diggers and create your own construction world.


Reptile Rescue

Using your sensory tools dig, find and rescue the sticky and stretchy reptiles in the slime!🐢.

20 months +


Critters, Fairy Princess, Dinos, Bakers, Crystal Garden, Ocean, Construction

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Please note that colours may vary due to stock control. 


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